FIRO-B instrument

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FIRO-B instrument


FIRO-B introduces your interpersonal needs and behaviours. Great for understanding how you deal with others.  What’s included:

  • Provision of FIRO-B instrument
  • Debrief with a certified practitioner
  • One hour mentoring session
  • Provision of comprehensive report
  • Group discounts available


The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation assessment introduces the fundamental interpersonal needs of a person.  It deals with how we relate to others and what needs we need from others.  It provides a simple framework which is easy to understand, but one that is deeply powerful.  More information can be found here: FIRO-B

The FIRO report is available in both an individual behaviour format or FIRO-Business; great for organisations and larger groups to gain an understanding on how team members interact with each other.


  • What drives our interpersonal behaviours with others?
  • How interpersonal behaviours can impact on our overall energy.
  • Manage interpersonal relations to minimise friction and optimise individual and team performance.
  • As leaders, manage our interpersonal relations to minimise the risk of personal fatigue and burn-out.


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