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For years, our Commanders have worked in a vast number of industries and have seen the best and worst in leaders and managers.  It is only through this experience can their vision of a more ethical business environment, driven by inspiring leaders be realised.  Having spent the past 20+ years sharing a passion for leadership development forged from meeting within the Air Force Cadet organisation, our Commanders are working toward a vision for better leaders, that are effective whilst maintaining integrity.

Arron Skillen

Arron served in the Royal Australian Air Force and graduated from Officer’s Training School at the age of 19.  He has leveraged off this training to develop a successful approach in developing teams and building culture within business contexts.  Arron has spent the last 14 years in the accounting industry and has also founded a Business Management organisation, helping small business owners run their business.  Along with holding a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Arron also holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School. He has a strong passion for human development and understanding how each person interacts with the community.

John Kenny

A certified radiation oncology medical physicist by profession, John is a published scientist and manager with over 18 years experience spent across healthcare, government and business. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Laser Sciences), Master of Applied Science (Medical Physics) and an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School.
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Do you have military experience?  Do you have a desire to put this experience to good use and develop the next generation of business leaders?  Then we have opportunities for you to use your unique skillset.

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